Diane Fresquez

Diane Fresquez is a food and arts journalist based in Brussels, Belgium, and sometimes Boston. Moved by a death in the family to recreate the dishes her mother prepared in her childhood home, Diane, a former special correspondent to the Wall Street Journal, embarked on a yearlong journey to investigate the links between taste, memory and the molecular building blocks of what we eat. The result, A Taste of Molecules: In Search of the Secrets of Flavor (Women Writing Science Series, The Feminist Press, 2013), published in Australia/New Zealand as The Taste of Home (Nero Books/Black Inc Books, 2016), was sponsored by the National Science Foundation and serves up stories about food and family, offering readers a lighthearted and charming introduction to the world of sensory science. Diane is a regular contributor to Zester Daily, an award-winning online destination for food, wine and travel enthusiasts, and an ambassador for The Hunger Project, a global non-profit seeking to end hunger and poverty by pioneering sustainable, grassroots, women-centered strategies throughout the world. Most recently, she was commissioned by the European Research Council to author “The Taste Tests: Can Science Help Us Eat Better?” (Science Squared/Science Business) and she is currently working on a book based on the findings in this study. Diane was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is a graduate of the University of New Mexico.

For more about Diane Fresquez, please visit www.tasteofmolecules.com