Editorial Services

As a literary agent, I am familiar with both the publishing industry and the craft of writing. I know what editors and other agents are looking for in a manuscript or proposal and am pleased to provide an array of editorial services to help you give your work its best shot at publication.

MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION: I will read your entire manuscript and offer an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. I will pay attention to structure, plot, pacing, character development, tone, scene crafting, and style, tell you what’s working, what isn’t and make recommendations on how fix the latter.

LINE EDITING: I will comb through every line of your manuscript, looking for style and formatting issues, spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies, and more. I will also offer suggestions on how to smooth out poorly structured sentences and point out where you need to clarify things for your reader.

QUERY LETTER EVALUATION: A query letter is your one chance to entice an agent or editor into reading your manuscript. Needless to say it must be just right. I will read your query letter and offer an analysis of how (and how not) to pitch your work to increase the chances of an agent or editor requesting your manuscript.

BOOK PROPOSAL EVALUATION: Pitching a nonfiction book? An effective and polished book proposal is a must. I will read your proposal and offer a full analysis of what works, what doesn’t, what’s missing, and suggest ways in which to increase the chances of an agent or editor requesting your manuscript. This includes advice on how to write compelling overviews and chapter summaries as well as expert descriptions of competitive titles, the market for your book, and your platform.

HOW I WORK: Please send an email description of your project and the kind of assistance you need to editorial@go-lit.com. If the project seems like a possible fit for me, I will request an excerpt to determine whether or not I am the right editor for your work. My editorial experience is wide-ranging but some topics do fall outside my field of expertise or interest and I will not take on a project that I do not feel I can enhance or help to develop. Rates vary by service.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot guarantee agent representation or a book deal but I can help you give your work its best shot at publication by offering you skilled advice to bring out the best in your writing.